Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hey guys!
I'm back, this past week has been beyond busy and tiring. Lets start with my craptastic Friday. So as you know, I worked like 60 hours last week. Not bad, but Friday when I got off work my car wouldn't start. I got a jump but when driving out of the neighborhood all the electric stuff kept shutting off and on flashing like the radio. So I went right to a car shop instead of going home, waited 2 hours and was back in driving shape but only after spending my entire paycheck fixing the wiring and getting a new battery. I basically had a huge meltdown because I was just tired and over the entire week so I stayed in that night. I had a bath, champagne, my shows and some magazines. It helped a little bit but I needed sleep. I caught up on sleep that day and then worked some more on Saturday. After work I promised my husband a special date because I hadn't seen him much and I felt bad so I took him to sushi and to see the new oz movie. His request. It was a decent movie, not gonna lie I love looking at James Franco and the graphics were cool but the story was just ok. Sunday we were thrown off by the time change and spent a lot of lazy time. We grocery shopped and watched TV. 
OOTN- Date night!
Blood orange bellini Saturday night!

Monday I was back to work and same with today. Whew. I'm pushing through and can't wait for some down time. Oh and I also threw in some running in there. I have a 10k race coming up this weekend, I've never ran a 10k which is funny but I am excited to do a fun run. Can't wait to see what my time will be! I wish I had more to say but I have been all work lately it seems and I don't see that slowing down anytime soon. Last night my husband and I went to b-dubs for some wings. A splurge but that's ok. We are both so run down lately it's going to take some work to get back on track.
Margarita time!

 I'm hoping for some time to do that this week. I have been spending my free time indulging in some major Justin Timberlake media. The album is streaming free on itunes, he was on SNL last weekend and now jimmy fallon all week long!! Timberweek=heaven. We dont have cable so i watch through hulu the day after airing. This is definitely helping my week. I am counting down until Tuesday 3/19, and then you may not see me for a long time as I will be in Justin Timberlake music obsession. Anyways, il be back this week with some fun posts I hope if all goes as planned. I hope you all are having a great Thursday!
My celeb crush

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