Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My latest inspiration

Happy Wednesday!!
I normally would do my usual weekend update post, but being that I didn't do much other than work I wanted to do something different this week. I made use of my free time this weekend and read This book that Elle Noel recommended. I hadn't read in along time for fun and the only words I have to describe this book was life changing. 
Recently, I've been having trouble staying motivated with running, dieting, etc. yes these are still things that I want but I've found that I have been putting it aside a little bit. This book caused me to reevaluate what I want, why I run, and what my goals are. The author Dean talks about how, while physical capabilities help endurance running is literally mostly mental. Deans journey also started with grief, like mine. What made me a runner was my first half marathon where I fell in love with the mental challenge. I cried and smiled throughout this whole book and it forced me to look at my life as a whole. Would I give up running when we start a family? How will I make time for it? Will 26.2 be my farthest distance ever? In my reevaluation of my goals and dreams, I realized that losing weight is no longer a goal for myself for a vain reason. I want a better body for athletic purposes. I want that mental challenge. 
I want to push harder, better, continue to push the boundaries. This week I am going to be doing heavy research and developing a plan. I am going to do a runners diet and learning how to shape and tone my body to prepare for that. My new life goal is to complete one ultra marathon at some point. Maybe 50 miles, maybe 100 someday. I know I will get there, but I want to start the process now. I want to get a great athletic body for the sole purpose of running. Running is what I love and the mental challenge is part of what makes it worth it. I believe that it doesn't matter the distance, for almost All runners there is a mental strength involved. That feeling to me is better than the size pants I wear. I want to push my boundaries in hopes of the same eye opening experiences expressed in this book. Of course first and foremost I want to be a fabulous wife and mom and be able to provide for my family, but as I grow with running it is clear that my continuing this journey is a piece of that puzzle. I know I can do it. 
This book was the push I really needed to find a dream for myself. A dream that is simply for me and has nothing to do with work or family. I loved that this book spoke about how distance running is respected because you are keeping a dream alive. You are pushing yourself to extremes for the purpose of achieving a dream. I know that I like many others often get stuck in the daily grind and I know that I while I will love whatever job I end up doing permanently, I also know that that a successful career can never be enough. I hope that the start of this new journey for me will show me the passion of life that everyone has at one point or another. I believe that in finding passion in running and pushing my mental and physical boundaries will allow me to have passion in all aspects of life. 
My parents always told me to do what I love at all costs. I did that with college, getting a degree in writing and I do believe I can turn it into a job that I enjoy. What I didn't realize is that this applies to every thing in life. I love being a wife, and I know I will love being a mom, but I want a part of my journey where I can be passionate about something else. I want to feel that fiery passion about just simply living again, like really living as Dean talks about where you are truly awakened and aware of the process. I don't just want to be a person who runs only to lose weight. I want to be a badass who does it all. I finally have that feeling back where it feels as though anything is possible. Where I can have everything. What having "everything" means is different to each person. The ideas expressed in this book can apply to anything however, the biggest emphasis was to have a dream, a passion and keep it alive. Keep reaching higher, pushing harder to achieve things you want. 
Maybe I am alone on this but after reading this book I forgot what it felt like to feel that drive. I want another dream to pursue for myself, and I think I have finally found one. If you are lacking inspiration or motivation, I would highly encourage you to read Ultramarathon man. This book is applicable to anyone and has just an overall extremely empowering message. No matter what your interests/lifestyle is this is a book that will touch you. 

On a side/random note, I will tell you that I worked all weekend- literally. In my little off time, I read Dean's book and also caught up on shows and magazines. Woo-woo. Pretty exciting I know. 

This is 40, Friends, Trashy magazines and popcorn=my weekend!

Me and my niece Sunday Night

MY cuddle buddy in the absence of my husband!

Me, heading to Barnes and Noble

OOTD- in snow weather BOO

Has anyone else read UltraMarathon Man? What are your life goals and passions?


  1. This post totally inspired me thank you so much for posting this. I will have to get that book and read it.

  2. Sounds like I need to check out this book! How was This is 40? I saw previews for it and thought it looked cute but haven't seen it. Have a great week!