Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SO what Wednesday!

I am late on posting today, but I am linking up with Shannon for "So What Wednesday"!
So What Wednesday
So what if I.....

  • Haven't stopped playing the new Justin Timberlake CD all week. I am addicted. 
  • Have serious anxiety about having to sleep/stay alone for 5 days while my husband is gone. How did I do it before?!
  • Just tasted the new Siracha flavored lays chips and almost died because it tasted so spicy! 
  • Am so technology illiterate I don't know what to do without Google Friend Connect. I need help! I am a member of BlogLovin but I don't know how to get a follow button on my blog :[
  • Stayed up super late this entire week wasting time watching a stupid TV show. Our recent watch is Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen nightmares. 
  • HATE cleaning with a passion and my apartment is starting to drive me crazy. I really want to hire someone.
  • Am going to go eat a delicious cheeseburger tonight for a special date before the hubs leaves tomorrow. 
  • Am feeling very boring this week and lacking on blogging material. Ideas?
  • Made my husband go shave for me today because I cannot stand facial hair. 

Aside from work this week, this about sums it up. Yeah, the BlogLovin thing is really freakin me out. I hope to figure out the scoop soon. Go register or download the app and follow me there! Also keep your eye out the first of April, I am teaming up with Laura for a giveaway! 

Happy Wednesday! Anyone have any good book recommends?

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  1. I cannot sleep without my husband. It is ridiculous. What did I do before him? �� Can't wait for the giveaway!