Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First post

Hi everyone!
This is my first ever blog post, I decided to start blogging for several reasons first because I am a writer and love to practice writing and second because I have found so much inspiration from other bloggers. I hope that I can inspire someone the way that they inspire me.

Now a little about me.... I got married in June this year and am about to finish my bachelors in creative writing in a few weeks. I recently started running and have a love/hate relationship with it. I'll be doing my first half marathon this Saturday and I hope I can do many more when the weather changes back! I am on a journey to get back to being fit, it's only been 3 weeks but I've lost 7 lbs and can feel differences in my muscles and endurance running. I love my little family which includes me, my husband and our long hair chihuahua. Here's to my first blog post and I hope I can get some of you awesome people to actually read it!

Taber Turner