Thursday, March 21, 2013

A very short Friday post!

Happy Friday everyone! Yes, this is being posted Thursday night but I refuse to wake up earlier than necessary to post. I don't think I have gotten around to tell you all how much I LOATHE mornings. I would honestly rather do just about anything than wake up before 9 am. I bet that I will get used to it once I get a job that starts that early BUT for now I am still in utter hatred. I hope when I have kids they will at least sleep until 8 am. I cannot do a 6:00 wakeup call.  I apologize in advance this post is really not planned out well, and so it is basically a random collection of stuff on my mind this week. Before that, I REALLY wanted to procrastinate doing this, but ok I am on board. 
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here you go! You can also follow on the new "Follow on BlogLovin" button I added to the page. I need y'all to go follow me on here! If you don't now, you will want to when we do our giveaway next week! It's going to be huge! I normally always love weekends but I will admit I am being a sourpuss because my husband isn't home. I enjoyed a little alone time but I am over it at this point. We haven't even reached a full day yet. I really don't even know if this weekend will be one worthy of it's own update, because I tend to be boring by myself and I am trying to make some $$ working Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I will probably throw in some fun too. Maybe I will vlog for you with my free time. Do you have any silly questions for me? I would like to do a short Q&A for you, nothing is off limits! Please ask away. 
I am still OBSESSED with the 20/20 experience Justin Timberlake CD. That is some good gym music for reals. 
Listen to Dress On. Your welcome. Very classic JT song. 
In other news, I made This recipe this week, with a few adjustments to make it more "skinny" and it was a huge hit. OMG so yummy. When it is my night to cook, I am a big fan of pasta because it is easy. 
Besides that, nothing much is happening here. I am hitting up some running, and my husband took me on a date last night before he left. I could hardly walk out after eating most of a burger. Worth it though. Now I am catching up on my silly reality shows (I may have watched Kardashians, fashion star, and carrie diaries since my husband isn't here. Yes I am 15 and kind of like carrie diaries) and my husband is probably regretting leaving me alone with all the champagne. Just kidding. I am waking up at 7 every day and have 12 miles to do this weekend! Happy Friday short and sweet post for you! See ya Monday!

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