Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hey everyone!
I am SO excited right now, because last night we officially bought our flight to L.A. for January 10th. We are planning to go to seaworld, disneyland, and a few other super fun things with some of our closest friends. I can't wait. I will get to celebrate for finishing school finally. Luckily it is still a month away which gives me lots of time to keep working out. I ran 4 miles yesterday, and I had fully intended on running 4 more today but my arches are KILLING me. Like I can't even walk normal. Damn flat feet. How can my arches hurt when I don't even have any?? Since I didn't run today I did an hour of stretching and then broke out my ballet shoes to keep warming up and strengthening my feet. When I lose more weight I really want to get back into ballet. I use a New York City Ballet workout/stretching DVD when I want something more relaxing. I'm giving my feet another day to rest but then I am kicking up the training this week, I will do a 4 mile and 3 mile run Thursday and Friday and then finish the week with 7 miles on Sunday. I am hoping to fit in some strength training one day too. I can't wait to kick up the workouts next week since I no longer have school or homework! I have another motivating race to keep me on track! I registered for the 13.1 series half marathon in L.A. for January 13th. It starts at 7 am which means I will need to leave by 6 am. Oh well, I think I can sacrifice one early morning to run through Venice Beach. I am super excited but really nervous because there is no limit so 50,000 people could show up and there is a time limit by which you need to finish in. My goal is to finish in 2 hours 30 min. If it's crowded though that might not happen. I live in a pretty small place, so even the really busy races the crowds thin out pretty quick. I am off to go finish my last bits of homework. Happy Tuesday!

Anyone run some busy races and have advice? How do you handle foot pain? How is your Tuesday?


  1. Hi Taber! I love your blog design. My advice for large races is get there early so that you can be as close to the front as possible. For foot pain, I use ice and biofreeze. The biofreeze is great for all pains and aches. Good luck with your race!

  2. Thank you and thanks for the tip! I am going to try that this weekend, I have a long run planned so I''m sure I'll need it. Thanks for reading!