Monday, December 10, 2012

7 mile training run

Hey everyone!
So this weekend was my 7 mile training run in preparation for my half next month. I had been kind of excited about it because it would be the farthest I had ran since my last half in November. I've improved so much since then, and I love feeling that happen. I am not a big morning eater, so I forced down some whole wheat toast and water and then headed out. Mile 1-2 were alright, warming up getting the feel of things and I ran a 10 minute mile for both of those but then I started to feel weak. Luckily, I was wearing my new running belt and had my running fuel with me. I bought a few different kinds so I can choose one I like to use for races. I tried the powerbar today and it was pretty good, quick and filling. I drank all my water and then was able to finish my run pretty good I didn't get tired or too grumpy.
The rest of the day was super packed and I am so glad I got my run in early this weekend. We went shopping for Christmas, then got some food and watched a movie at the husbands parents house. After that we went out for drinks with my brother and sister in law, some of our best friends. It was their 5 year anniversary. I love them and their little family so much we are so lucky to have them in our life! Needless to say I slept in until 11 am Sunday morning and had a lazy day. Studied a bit and caught up on tv. I live for the weekends!
Happy Monday!
How was everyone's weekend?

The Hubs and I out for drinks 

Yeah,  7 miles!

Out christmas shopping 


  1. Stopping by from Monday Mingle...I'm a runner too! I love reading other ladies blogs who run. I usually get in 3-4 races a year. I ran a 6k 2 weekends ago and it was so fun. Love shorter races. Good luck with all of your training for the upcoming half!!

  2. Good for you with all that running!! =)

  3. I am missing my long runs and the amount of calories burned. You did good!