Thursday, December 13, 2012

The ugly truth

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was my last day as an undergraduate student. Finally. Yay! I now have a bachelors in creative writing with a minor in history, health education, and journalism. Now for the hard part- finding a job. It feels pretty crazy to say I don't have homework anymore. What am I going to do with all this time?! Given the intense studying I have been enjoying, I haven't thought up a great post so I decided I will show you all the biggest reason I started running. My weight. As embarrassing as it might be to admit. 

This is me July 2011

This is me looking/feeling pretty hot, about 18 percent body fat and some serious muscle. 130 lbs. Yeah, then my husband got out of the army and moved home and this happened:

180 lbs of not hotness. See the chicken thigh arms. NOT sexy and NOT newlywed status. I could make excuses and try to explain why I let it happen but it doesn't really matter. It happened. Also, I got my blood taken and the results were less than ideal. I had been reading a bunch of blogs and heard of all of these normal women running when they previously hadn't. I didn't have a gym membership yet and was finally like ok I am getting of my ass and becoming a runner. I just kind of went from being lazy to running 3 miles, when I commit to something I go all out. I signed up for a half marathon to keep myself running. I cried, sweat and bitched my way through the first 2 months of running but I just kept meeting my goals no matter how long it took- 3 miles took an hour the first time. Now, I'm down to a 9:30 for my fastest mile and on longer runs I average an 11:30. I got some good news this weekend, I am down 19 lbs which I was NOT expecting because I normally like to add in some weight training to but I needed to pass my classes so it kinda took priority and I had only been running and eating somewhat healthy/counting calories. You can check my Instagram for more current photos of me @taberturner or read a previous post. No time=no makeup or clothes that aren't yoga pants so I'l take a good one tomorrow and show. When I lost weight to get where I was in the first photo, I worked hard but I wasn't finding a lifestyle or an activity I enjoy. I can't say that I enjoy running every day but I can say that it has made me a better person physically, mentally and emotionally. If I can enjoy running, YOU can too! I'm just a normal girl with stress and a very busy life like everyone else.
So there's my mortifying truth, but it won't be the truth here soon. Tomorrow is a post on a new recipe courtesy of my sister-in-law lentil sloppy joes. They are yummy! She is vegan so most of her recipes are super clean and healthy, I love going over to her house for dinner.
That's all I got. Have a great Thursday!!


  1. I am proud of you for getting back on track! That is a huge accomplishment! I also started running a few months ago and while I'm not great at it, I do love it (most days).

  2. I love that we can right about our personal insecurities on here. Just lay it all out and then share with others the results. This community is the most positive one and we're all rooting for you to do whatever makes you happiest. You are a beautiful, college graduate!!!! Woohooo

  3. Keep up the great work Tabes! I am right there with ya (though not running lol). I'm down over 9 pounds and 5 inches and withing 4 pounds of my ideal weight, and all this BEFORE Christmas?? I usually joke every Thanksgiving and Christmas that I am 'workin' on my before photo' lol! Not this year!!! :)

    You look great! :)