Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog facelift & other news

Hey all,
Some exiting news for the blog- I am getting a "blog facelift" by Hubby Jack blog designs! I am super stoked, he sent me the new headers this evening and they are all awesome! I could hardly choose so I had my instagram followers help me decide. My Facebook and instagram will be linked to here once I get his update. I am a computer idiot so I was relieved when I found someone I could hire to do it, plus his designs are amazing.

I also signed up for an ornament swap with Simple little joys & Life of Meg I love both of their blogs and am looking forward to another opportunity to meet some more people in the blogging community.

Running update:
So this week I had a TON of homework, like a ridiculous amount. I still have way more than I have time for but it is my last week of college unless I want another degree someday. YAY! Bad news, that meant I slacked a little in my workouts this week. It was a bummer, I only ran 3 times instead of my training program which is 4 and I didnt lift at all. I figured that turning in these assignments is more important so it had to happen. I am also planning on going back to 2 hours a day working out next week when I don't have class. That being said, my 3 runs did go well. The first 2 were just 3 miles and the final one was 5 miles. In 2 weeks I went from running 4 miles in an hour to 5 miles in an hour. I love the gratification running gives, there is no way you cant improve. Today my arch was killing me and my shin splints are lingering a little but much better than they have been, and technically it was closer to 6 miles but I had to walk the last mile back to my house since my foot was dying and I had hit my goal. This week on my running schedule I plan to do a 3 miler tomorrow, 4 miles Tuesday, and 3 on Thursday followed my 7 on Saturday. I am stepping up in the training because there is a chance I may do another half in January.

We got some other good news this week that we should be able to go visit our good friends Chris and Rachel in L.A. early January. My dad is helping us out with flying miles and getting our plane tickets. If we do end up going, I plan to do a half marathon in Venice Beach while we are there.

My run today

Me this weekend, on my way to work.

Date Night with The Hubs

My new awesome owl sweater. I am obsessed with owls!

My new blue Mama Laughlin top and purple Juicy peacoat.


  1. I love love LOVE that owl sweater! Where did you find such a cute thing? I am fairly new the blog world too, love your design. I am trying to decide what I want to do with mine.

  2. Thanks! I got it at Kohls, not very expensive at all. I wasn't sure what I wanted with mine either- I just knew pink and an owl haha. Chris does awesome though he just asked me a couple questions and did everything for me. I suck at that stuff! I am going to check out your blog now. Thanks for reading!