Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Update

Hey everyone!
I've brought back the weekend update this week, and surprisingly I also have a couple other random posts drafted up for the week too! As usual I feel like I end the weekend waiting for the next one. This past week, its gotten hot. I went for a couple runs after work, what was planned to be 8 miles ended at 5 due to being so hot I could puke. I realized that this means I will be training this summer before work. Getting in runs and workouts at 5 am will be an adjustment, I get to work by 6:45 am and work 10 hour days. Tomorrow will be the first test of this but I don't have much choice. I can't give up time with my husband after work and I can't survive a substantial run in 85 plus degree weather. I will update on how this goes. :[ boo.
On to the weekend, I didn't do horrible with eating. Friday night started off a relaxing night at home and turned into watching dateline, skinny chicken lettuce wraps, and then going out for a couple glasses of champagne. That afternoon on my day off I got in an arm workout, lunch with my dad, grooming my dog, grocery runs, and a few random errands. Saturday was a sleep in day, we had our free pizza we had won- we got to take leftovers. I worked extra hours saturday night, like 8 hours. Needless to say this ended up being me needing extra sleep afterward. I know, so exciting. Sunday, we did go out for cinco de mayo. I got a couple margaritas and a grilled chicken burrito. We usually use Sunday as lazy day since I have to get up at 5 am tomorrow. We rented "Broken City" which is pretty good, worth renting for sure. We also watched "The Guilt Trip" which wasn't good at all. I could hardly get through it. I am currently waiting for the husband to cook breakfast for dinner while I type this. Skinny pancakes, hash browns and eggs.
I'm back to work again tomorrow, boo. I do really like my new job though. My goals for the week are 3 weight training sessions, 2 short runs, and 1 long run. Hopefully I don't get too tired. Sleep seems to take priority over a lot of things these days, including blogging.

I wanted to share my eats lately. Since I started working full time it has been SO much easier to eat healthy. Sure, it'd be easy to eat unhealthy too but it's easier in that no one is around asking me to go out and I'm staying focused and bring my own food. I've been really staying on track with eating a small meal every 2 hours. Today for example, I did my 6:30 am coffee, at 9:30 it was 1/2 a wheat bagel thin with 1 tbsp fat free cream cheese, 11:00 was a cheesestick and since that's not much I at Mexican salad at 12:30. I also had a fat free yogurt at 2:30 and the other half of my bagel thin at 3. I usually don't even have an opportunity for dinner until 6 or after but if I was going to run or the gym I would've had a protein shake at 4:30. Dinner is usually grilled chicken, tacos (lean beef or chicken), taco soup, whole grain spaghetti, or something similar. 

I am really focusing on losing some more weight now, and I hope making time for extra workouts will help. I'm just SO tired all the time. Aside from the pizza cheat this weekend though, its been going pretty good. I have a fun blog update and some other random posts coming this week, so I promise this won't be my only post this week! Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!

My 2nd 50 oz water and Friends. Hopping Sat. Night
The Puppys new hair
Dying after my evening run

Long Day at work, over it.

Anyone have any awesome weekend? Fun Cinco de Mayo?

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