Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the....

Happy Thursday!!
I am so happy I am getting to post today and join in the linkup! You know I never miss these, and Thursdays are always good days for me to blog because I get Fridays off meaning I can stay up later today and get everything into my day! I do have a couple of fun and exciting things to share with you as far as weight loss goes, but you'll have to check back tomorrow!! 

Onto the linkup, I'm linking up with Holly and Jake! Go show them some love and linkup too!


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I'm always on time!
People call me... Funny, Picky, stubborn... mostly stubborn
I most often dream...Dreams where I get in scary situations and then no voice comes out when I yell
The best part of my day... Is usually my drive home and then right when I first get home. I like the drive to zone out and listen to music, I like getting home and seeing my pooch and husband.
I really don't understand... Country music, yuck! 
I get really annoyed... When things don't go as planned, when things take too long, anytime I have to be patient. Also get SO annoyed when someone wakes me up.
There's nothing like a... Fat girl Friday complete with champagne and going out to dinner. 
Lately, I can't get enough... WATER!!! OMG. It sounds really like a stupid answer but I've been creepily thirsty, to the point I think I over hydrate. Also, the voice. I am obsessed with that show and I hate myself for it I tried so hard not to like those shows. Anyone else like it?
One thing I am NOT is... A healthy eater, a morning person. Both things I am desperately trying to change. 
I spent too much money on... Right now, probably clothes? but those were for my new job. Otherwise, probably upcoming vacations. I try to live cheaply though, I'm in the writing biz doesn't pay much!
I want to learn.... Paddle boarding, always been something I really want to do but my husband hates oceans so we don't really do vacations like that. 
If I ever met _________, I would...Kim Kardashian, I would steal her money!!!
I can't stop... Sweating lately. Gross, I know. Our work hasn't had AC and its been almost 90 inside. Then I go to the gym and sweat more, come home where we have shitty AC and get drenched again.
Never have I ever... Eaten Nutella! I'm probably a loner there, but I'm not huge into peanut butter either. So, I don't know what all the rave is about.
Reese Witherspoon... Is one of my fav celebs, always will be. She's still smarter, prettier, a better person than most other famous people. Legally blonde love forever!

Me and My other man

Alright, I'm out for the night. Be back with a post tomorrow!!


  1. I just love reading these linkups...everyone has such great answers!!!

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