Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life updates!

I’ve had so much going on lately! I guess that is a good thing though because it means I have a lot to update you all about! 
First off, I have half marathon number 4 in June. I have some exciting news about that too! The event is sponsored by the company See Jane Run. I love that store and was peeking around their website back in December and saw an ad for an ambassador program. I applied, I had to write an essay about why I think I should be a Jane ambassador and I just found out I got chosen! The position means a lot to me, and a lot for the blog too. I’ll be doing posts about the event, and I’ll have discount codes to the See Jane Run store/site for my readers! I don’t have a ton of information just yet but I will soon! Right now though, I have a discount code for 10 percent off of a See Jane Run race registration in your area! The codes are specific to city though, so email me and I can get you a code! They've got a 5k, 10k, and half marathon and the code will work for any distance registration. I've been looking forward to this race for months, they've got awesome shirts, medals, swag when you finish!

The other big news?! I am started new diet plan. As you know, I’ve been trying to lose weight/run for a while. I focused a lot on the running but now I am ready to focus on the weight. I’ll be real honest here, I’d been having a super hard time with that lately more on the emotional side of things. I just haven’t been happy. That might sound superficial, but feeling that way ends up seeping into all aspects of life. I’ve been grumpy, impatient, and just generally unhappy. I really started to feel like my weight was a big part of that. I’ve lost my confidence. I’m honestly not even really comfortable saying this all right now, but I feel like it’s important to know that weight struggles really do affect a person more than just physically. Juggling everything- work, family, relationships, housework, and trying to add in a weight loss journey is hard. I’m finally at a point where I hate losing so much time to meal planning and working out but I hate feeling this way more. I think most of us who start and continue a weight loss journey get to a point like that. I’m a beginner at my job, so clearly I can’t afford a trainer at all however, accountability is super important to me. I was browsing on Instagram the other day and came across Ashley (you can find her on Instagram @ashleyjobikinipro, she's a bikini competitor and amazing support system. If you’re on IG then you’ve probably seen some people talking about Ashley lately. I emailed her right away before I knew any details. She provides meal plans, and if you want even workouts. I needed help with ideas for workouts, and I thought that her pricing was beyond fair for what she provides. Locally, training and meal plans are hard to come by for less than 300/month. Let’s just say I was sold! She is super sweet and will let you ask her a million questions (I’m so clueless about this stuff). I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have her and the other girls she works with support. I started my plan this past Friday. It's been a learning curve, trying to calculate all these macros but its worth it. I've already lost a couple lbs but I can't wait for what the next few months will bring. I will be sure to share progress pics and update on how its going. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, email Ashley here and tell her I sent you! I would love to see more girls involved in the program!

I don't really have much for my usual weekend update, I did a lot of meal prep. I lifted two days, and ran a 5k. We did go see the Great Gatsby though, I am currently OBSESSED with the soundtrack. It's great for all moods. The movie was pretty good, I felt like it was a little slow but I loved the graphics, costumes and special effects. Its definitely worth seeing. I've been enjoying catching up on rest this weekend and getting in the groove of my new meal plan. I'm off to another work week, but I've got a couple posts for this week. I'll be guest posting on Marcy's blog tomorrow! 

Now for a few of this weeks photos....

Post run

Loving all my supplements for my meal plans. I'm a huge fan of the vanilla whey mixed with orange
Me and my niece at her birthday. Love this pumpkin pie!

How was everyone's weekend?

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