Friday, April 26, 2013

Half Recap Part Two

Part two of the half marathon experience. Read part one here....

With about .7 miles left my husband came around a corner and found me. He had already finished the half (with a stellar time too) but he came to help motivate me. I guess it worked. He reminded me that he and my dad who came to see me finish were waiting.

 I was really glad my dad came up to see it even though I took forever and by no means came even close to my best time. It meant a lot to have someone waiting for me at the end. It really is a pretty big accomplishment for me even though my time sucked I have come a long way from the last 6 months. I really wanted to expand on this, mentally I really like having someone come and watch me finish a race because it gives me this extra motivator like I would be letting them down if I didn't do my best. 

Finishing this half marathon was a lot different than my other halves. I kind of didn't really feel all that accomplished at first. Looking back now, knowing how hard that race is though I am pretty proud that I even attempted it. I think that this is probably one of those pains that hurts so bad and yet good that I hate it so much right now but I will likely be back next year. If I can get a pass again. Finishing races always reminds me why I love to run. That feeling of accomplishment, of pushing your body past its ability is unlike anything else. Completing this half marathon in my city is like officially initiating yourself into the running community. I think I am officially a Boise Runner. 

I ate pretty clean the weeks leading up to the half, and after 3 cheat days I am back on track. After abusing my body like that, I chowed down on a juicy burger and didn't feel bad at all. I also had to toast with a glass of champagne, but it was kind of a rough recovery so I didn't drink much more than that. 

I spent this week recovering, I took 3 days off and finally hit some running and weight training. I'm planning a 6 mile run for Sunday because.... I have half marathon 4 on May 18th!! This means quick, condensed training but the fabulous news is that this one is all flat!! After that, I've got half marathon number 5 on June 22nd. These are the races I am registered for right now, I may or may not do a few more as part of marathon training this summer. 

I'm going to be plotting out my first marathon training program this weekend. I'm planning to start in june. This would be 4 months of training. Does anyone have any favorite training plans? Portland here I come!! 

How was everyone's week? Weekend?

First time back at the gym!

Me, post half

Me and my husband post half

Gettin my run on

New Fav workout Jam!! Get it!

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