Friday, April 5, 2013

GOOD news!

Happy Friday people! I am just stopping in for a quick post/thank you...
But first, I want to remind you that there is still time to enter the giveaway, you can do so here. There is a lot up for grabs, you don't want to miss out!!
I also wanted to tell you all a huge thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers on my post the other day about my job search. I was offered a JOB yesterday from a company that previously turned me down. It is really a life saver and will be opening a lot of doors for me. I really look forward to my future and to not feeling so desperate constantly. This will be a new change but I am excited for it and I hope I can still fit in all my running with a full time job and everything.
For all the bad luck I felt I had had with my being sick and everything, I feel like yesterday made up for. In addition to the new job, I won some free food! Well, actually I won a "ticket" to go to lunch at this amazing pizza restaurant for me and 5 friends. Hooray! This weekend I am working and waiting to hear on an exact date for next week that I start my new job! I probably won't have much of a weekend to update about so I will try to come up with a fun Monday post! Have a fab weekend!

What good luck have you had this week? Any awesome weekend plans?


  1. Yay for a job! SUPER happy for you ladY!

  2. Congrats on the new job! How exciting. I know you will rock it!