Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Finally Posting!

Happy Thursday!!

Ah another week slipped away from me. I am so sorry I am a bad blogger lately. Like I said this is definitely an adjustment for me but a good one. I've been struggling a little bit recently emotionally and otherwise and I'm just overall feeling a little... Disconnected I guess. I'm not really sure what's going on just dealing with a lot I guess. I'm not trying to sound like a Debbie downer but I know all you ladies always encourage me when I feel like I need it. I love that I can be honest on this blog and the positivity and inspiration that I always see going around the blogging community, when one of us is feeling bummed so many people reach out often times better than people in real life. Whew Pity party over, now into business. I am linking up with Jake and Holly for another finish the sentence. I love these linkups I can't miss out!

1. I laughed so hard I cried when...Today at work, a co-worker showed me a hilarious piece of writing he got published. OMG. I cant share work stuff here, but it was definitely a fun "friday" at work. 
2. My high school... Sucked haha nothing much to say there, I hated high school and actually graduated early.
3. It really pisses me off... When people use their phones during a conversation.
4. In ten years... I want to be happy, surrounded by my family and hopefully some kids and my hopefully my husband. Working at a job I enjoy.
5. If I could erase one thing... Hmm that's a thinker haha. I personally don't really have any thing I want to erase from my past. I would like a do over or a fresh start in some areas but I wouldn't get rid of those experiences. I'd really like to be able to change the dynamic of some of my relationships. I guess my real answer is I would erase a pain from someone that I love who needed it more.
6. In 1999... N'sync and lance bass rocked my world.
7. Honestly... I am really hard on myself about everything. I hate not being able to be perfect for everyone in my life.
8. To me, sushi... Should not exist. For real raw food?! Ugh salmonella waiting to happen!
9. Someone really needs to invent... A mind reader!! Lol I am snoopy and I would also love to read my family (especially my husbands) thoughts.
10. The first time I drank alcohol... Well, my first distinct memory isn't good lol I hated all alcohol for a very long time and I am still super picky. I actually may need to do a post on my opinion of booze. I will say the first time I was truly drunk was jungle juice and all I cared about was that I had spilled red shit on a new top.
11. The one question I would ask god is..I seriously can't choose one! I think I would end up asking if my family and I die happy. I would like to know that no matter what happens I end up fulfilled and my family ends up okay when We die. I have so many questions though.
12. Lindsay Lohan... Is a waste of oxygen for reals. Her money needs to go to someone in need so she can remember what it's like to work for what you have.
Alright, thanks to holly and jack for hosting another fab link up and making my Thursday!! I can't wait for the next one!!
Well, I am off to work. I will post tomorrow about my upcoming weekend plans! I have my 3rd half Saturday so I will have a recap Monday!! Have a fab Thursday!!

Me Last weekend, cause I know you all miss my awesome  boring photos.

How was everyones week? Any good news?