Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Training and Throwback Thursday!

Hello Everyone!
It's Thursday, thank goodness it is almost the weekend again! I have a 10 mile training run to complete, some errands to do and hopefully some fun thrown in too! I haven't talked about my plan as far as training/running goes in a while, I have been keeping up on running but I have just had a lot of other things I wanted to talk about too! Since I joined the running group, they plan your training schedule out. I mentioned before that I had wanted to try the Advocare cleanse, and I still do but realistically I don't think it would be a good idea until I finish all these races/training. Recently, I have really been having trouble fueling myself properly before runs or strength training. I do eat a lot of lean meat and healthy foods, but if I workout in the morning then I have only eaten about 1-2 of my daily meals and then I get shakey and feel like passing out because I am burning way more than I have in me. This is something I am trying to get better about, but since I am extra sensitive to eating and healthy carbs are what tend to help me have energy I just can't do that strict of a meal plan on the cleanse while training. Am I the only one with this problem?? I hate eating in the morning so I eat really light then work hard but I end up not working my hardest because I am so low on fuel. So this is my number one focus right now is getting on track with fueling during training. I am researching it and am thinking of trying a more runner specific diet plan and seeing how that helps. I have a half in April, May, AND June that I am registered for and then a marathon to train for in October. So its pretty much a given that running will be my focus for a while. 
Now for my training schedule... This is what my Saturday long runs will look like:
2/23- 10 miles
3/2- 8 miles
3/9- 11 miles
3/16- 8 miles
3/23- 12 miles
3/30- 8 miles
4/6- 13 miles
4/13- 6 miles
The biggest challenge will be the hills in this half. They are intense. I'm nervous, but I know I can do it. I'll be doing varied short runs 2-3 times during the week and strength training 3 days a week too. I am REALLY focusing on legs and core to help my running.

Here's a couple Throwback Thursday pictures to send you off with! Have a great day!!

The hubby and I when we were dating. Fall 2010

Our wedding day! June 2012

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