Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A piece of me

It's Wednesday people, the week is almost done! Unfortunately for me, I've got ANOTHER freakin cold! I've been getting terrible sinus colds where my eyes water and I can't breathe and sneeze constantly. I went up until January without getting sick and I've been sick 3 times since then. WTF?!! The worst part is that it has me feeling so tired, after my 9 mile run Sunday I just haven't had any energy. I went for an uphill hike on Monday, but yesterday I didn't workout at all. I have been eating pretty well though.
 I've been thinking about this blog recently and I started it right after I ran my first half marathon, when I was just getting into running. I wanted to blog because I had gotten really into reading other blogs. I still am really into other blogs but being a writer I thought I should start my own. My journey at that time was about running, weight loss, etc but as time goes on I am finding that I want to expand what I write about on here. Running has become a part of my identity, it's part of what allows me "me" time where I am just me. When I run I am not a wife, daughter, friend, etc. I am just me alone with my thoughts. Running makes me feel empowered because even though I am not the fastest or a skinny runner, I alone am keeping my body going through a half and eventually a full marathon. I need something to keep a piece of myself just mine. Running accomplishes that, but so does writing and blogging. That being said, running is only a piece of who I am. Why should I devote a whole blog to one piece of me? I will be starting to include a bigger variety of topics, so that you can get to know me and so that I can document who I am throughout my life. Of course I will still blog about running but probably less often. I hope that eventually this blog will follow me into motherhood when we decide to take that step. 
I feel like often times my posts, especially those about running come off really positive, like its easy. It most certainly isn't though, and I don't typically post my times, etc on here because I am proud no matter what the number is. I am proud of running a 12 minute mile and I don't care if that doesn't improve because I know that I am giving it all that I have. I do want to lose a few lbs but I will tell you that it doesn't control my life. Being a good wife and family/friend member plus taking care of myself emotionally are more important. I want to share my humanity with all of you readers more frequently. I want to share with you that it took me 3 hours 40 minutes to finish my first half and that the time doesn't matter. Finishing a fucking half marathon at all is a huge accomplishment. I apologize for the rambling but I just really felt like sharing my thoughts with you all.  I truly love each and very comment and all of your support, I hope that you will all continue to follow me on my journey! 

Now for a few pictures...
Doin my thing at work with this little cutie and my no make-up face

A lot of pictures like this have been taken because I have been snuggling this guy while I am sick

Leaving the gym after KILLIN leg day!

Do you all have any questions/ ideas of something you want me to address on the blog?? I would love to do a Q & A!
Have a fab Wednesday!!


  1. I started my blog 2 years ago but only recently started making time for it and updating often. It's pretty much been mainly about running because I was training for my first half. Now that it's over, I'm trying to blog about non-running things, so I'm with you on branching out.

    P.S. I run 12 minute miles and I'm proud of them, too!

  2. Yay, Im glad to see more topic :) Love your blog - keep it coming!

  3. I'm a new follower! Please do share more than just running! I post about my kids, running, recipes, ups and downs of life, etc. I may be the most random blogger ever. Lol!