Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday

It's Friday! Finally, this week has been so long. Well they all seem to be long as of lately. I've had a pretty average week as far as eating and working out goes. I don't think I lost but I think I'm maintaining and that's ok for now. I haven't had a cheat day this week, i am saving it for tonight. My hubby and I are celebrating valentines today! I know a lot of people hate valentines day, but I love it. I always have even when I was a kid. I am obsessed with pink, hearts, and cute crap so you can see it would be a perfect fit for me. My mom always had a tradition for me as a kid where the "valentine queen" would come and bring me a valentine gift kinda like the Easter bunny. It was so fun and it was always cute stuff like candy and cookies or maybe new pjs. Last year was my first valentines day with a date and my first valentines day that my husband and I could share in person (we were long distance for 2 years) so it was pretty awesome. He handmade me a bunch of owl stuff, have me a Justin timeberlake DVD (yummy) and we went to dinner and stayed in a hotel. This year, we both had work in the evening so we pushed off the celebration until today. He has a surprise planned and we will hit dinner out tonight. I will let you all know on Monday what we gave each other! Also, something pretty awesome happened yesterday. I won a giveaway for the first time ever! This time it was from a local restaurant. On Facebook they were giving away dinner for two for the best love story. I didn't think I even had a shot but what do you know I won! We love going out so it was the perfect win too! I was pretty thrilled to win and on valentines day too! Il be getting in a workout before we go out tonight and tomorrow I have a 9 mile run with the group I joined. Il have to post about that training schedule on Monday!

Finally, I wasn't able to get a picture but wanted to link up with my favorite blogger Holly for the what's in my fridge linkup. I have some staple items you will always find in there.
-leftovers ( we ALWAYS have leftovers of some kind in there. Right now it's dip and whole wheat pasta. We are horrible about eating leftovers because there's only two of us a recipe lasts 3-4 days)
-fat free vanilla yogurt ( I like yoplait)
- water! (We have a Brita filter and also a few bottles)
- beer (for the hubs, I hate it)
-ketchup, and other condiments (my husband eats way to many hot dogs! Yuck!!)
-hot dogs (ew again)
-wheat tortillas ( we have skinny taco night once a week)
- cheese
- lettuce
-salad dressing (the only kind I like is a bolthouse brand ceasar Parmesan yogurt. It's skinny in calories and fat too!)
- sometimes chicken

Our fridge is pretty barren. We don't have butter or some of the usual staples because if its not there I won't be able to use it! We eat a lot of meat so it typically doesn't stay in the fridge. The only thing we keep in our freezer is ice and frozen meat. I don't have much time or patience for trying new recipes, so I make the same 4-5 meals every week. I'm sure it's boring for my husband but hey it works! I am so picky so our fridge is extremely boring. Il try to add a photo after work today! Happy Friday everyone! I've got a lot of great posts planned for next week so come back!

How was your week? Are you a valentines fan? What'd you do to celebrate or not?


  1. New follower from the link up! :-)

    We are celebrating next weekend!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you get!!
    Congrats on winning that giveaway!! =D

  3. Just wanted to stop by from the linkup! : )

  4. Hey, new follower here :) Cant wait to read what the surprise is :) and your blog is so cute!

  5. Gotta love winning a giveaway!

    Have fun tonight!

  6. I am visiting from the the link up! We almost always have leftovers as well! I normally eat them for lunch! Hope you had a good Valentines Day celebration!!

  7. Taber, Taber, Taber... How do you hate beer? How can you have a distaste for the sweet nectar of the world that is Miller Lt? ;)