Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm the girl who...

Happy Hump Day!
Welcome to all my new followers here from the giveaway! Thanks for the support on my first official giveaway! There is still time to enter, since I will post the winner on Monday morning. For those of you who are newer here I thought I would do a little about me post 
today. I typically write about running, and normal life happenings but today (a day late) I am linking up with Running in Stilettos

- Watches every crappy reality TV show made. (Yes I am addicted to all shows Kardashian) I may have also watched some Honey Boo Boo for the sake of laughing. 

- Also looks forward to my US weekly magazine every Saturday afternoon.

- Takes a bath every day, its my "me" time and helps me zone out.

-Refuses to use hair conditioner even though my hair is ratty because I hate how it feels greasy.
- Can never get on a sleep schedule, hello up all night and sleeping in as often as possible.

- Makes up crazy songs and nicknames about my dog (Fenix the chihuahua)

- Is still a diehard Justin Timberlake fan even though its not the 90s anymore. 

- Sings out loud all the time, everywhere unless there is someone around. I lipsync when I run. 

- Has crazy baby fever. I love love love babies. 

- Takes terrible care of cleaning out my car. It has been on my to-do list for MONTHS and I am just too lazy so I push it off. 

- Still watches Friends re-runs pretty much nightly. BEST SHOW EVER. 

- Loves themes/holidays, though I usually don't do anything for a lot of them I still think they are fun. 

Just a few random fun facts about me, a good break from the normal routine posts. I will be back tomorrow with an update about my new training program. I have GOT to get better at taking pictures for this blog, I am the worst and always forget! Have a great Wednesday! 


  1. i think a bath in a necessity in life! i try to get at least 3 a week in and if i dont, im crabby. i need my "me" time with my People mag and a cold beverage! :)
    Friends re-runs are the best. even if i know what will be said before they say it bc i have seen the episodes so many times!
    cleaning out the car is overrated. it makes my husband so mad especially now that we are car shopping for me. mine is a disaster!


  2. I watch Friends reruns every night too - I love that show and always will :)

  3. I love this post because it really gives us a better feel for who you are. I can relate to so many of the things you've listed even though we're separated by just a little more than a few years. lol.

    Have a fun weekend...Tracy

  4. I'm the same way with my sleep schedule. It's pretty "normal" most of the time on the weeks, but I let it get all out of whack on the weekends because I don't have to wake up at a certain time. It's just too tempting to stay up late doing some of the stuff we want to do, isn't it?