Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An overall update

Hey everyone!
Welcome to my new followers! So excited to have you here, and since I passed 30 followers I am going to be doing a giveaway! I know the items I am going to giveaway but I have to purchase them so it will probably be up here on Monday! I will be heading out doing some shopping tomorrow. Yay!
Now for a running update last weekend I went out and tried a local running group in my area, I REALLY needed a training plan and I have been having the hardest time training hills in my area because I don't feel comfortable going alone. If I get in to registration on Monday, I will be running the Robie Creek half marathon- which is noted as one of the hardest races in the Northwest. The running group I tried was hitting 8 miles up the route that will be in the half so I went out with them. Since I was a newbie the coaches wanted to talk to me, which meant I was walking quite a bit (I SUCK at multitasking while running) so I did 5 miles not 8. I really loved the group and ended up joining. The great thing about it is that they have 4 seasoned runners who are coaches and can help you train and answer questions. You can go at your own pace but it is also great because you can meet people and it allows me to train and be safe! No going into the mountains alone anymore! I am anxious and really hope I am able to get registered for that half- last year it sold out in 7 minutes!

In other news I have still been insanely busy, I worked tons last week and have quite a bit of work this week. I am also working on my resume and all that fun stuff now that I have my degree. I haven't really taken many pictures for the blog lately, probably because I have been working 80 percent of the time and sleeping/running around the other left over time. I am going to try my best to keep on top of the updates this week! I am actually looking forward to Friday because I do not have to work this weekend yay! I apologize to you all for being sort of boring lately I have zero energy. Ok, I am out to head to work!

How is everyone's week going? What do you want me to put in the giveaway? 

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  1. I wish it was the weekend already! Gah!
    Sounds like you have been one busy bee, girl!! That group sounds awesome, I wish my area had something like that.
    Anything on the giveaway. I just LOVE giveaways :)
    Check out my first giveaway going on til tomorrow night!