Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I run

Hey all,
So I started thinking about this blog and realized that at the point I started writing this I was already starting to enjoy running. I didn't tell you about why I started or how crappy it was for a long time. I started running because I saw all of these women whose blogs I read going from couch to half marathons. Regular people. I have about 30 lbs to lose,nothing compared to what some of these gals have done- but I'm not in shape or healthy. I got a blood test taken and the results scared me. I decided I could be a runner to. I needed to save my heart. My husband and I signed up for a half marathon to motivate me and he was able to not train at all coming from his army background. I worked my ass off. I will always remember my first run, I wanted to do 4 miles. I know kind of a big goal for the first time. I couldn't get there, I ran 3 miles in 1 hour! I knew I had my work cut out so I started running, 3-6 miles 4 days a week no matter how slow. I pushed through the slowness and the pain and pictured my goals. I wanted to love running so I can be the 70 year old kicking ass at half marathons. I've been running about 3 months now. I'm up to a 11 min mile average on longer runs and am enjoying running. I'm getting healthy and while I REALLY want to lose weight, I want to be healthy and strong first. I graduate college in 2 weeks and I'm going to kick it up in the working out schedule. For anyone considering running and doubting yourself- you can do it. I completed a half marathon after running 6 weeks. I'm a normal, semi unhealthy girl who wants a fitness lifestyle. I run because I want to inspire. I want to be a role model to my future kids and I want to be running when I'm old but have a healthy body. I am a runner.

What motivates you to run? What made you start?

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  1. Maybe your blog can motivate me to get back to running too! It's so hard to take the first step. So glad seeing someone like me can do it too!! :)

  2. Yeah, getting into it SUCKS lol. The first time I ever went running it took me an hour to run 3 miles and I felt like I was dying. Not very awesome. It' s nice though because you can improve really easy if you stick with it. Thanks for reading :]

  3. I started running fresh out of college after playing collegiate soccer. I wanted to stay in shape. Then as I noticed my metabolism getting slower, I started running more and setting larger goals. That's when I ran my first half!