Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey day run and Black Friday

Hey all,

This week was SO busy! Wednesday I had to hit express for their 50% off sale to get an interview outfit for my job search. I also got the new iPhone because the button on my old one died. I got to hit the gym for an arms and abs workout but didn't run on Wednesday because I had the turkey day 5k the next day and really wanted to PR. Thursday morning the alarm went off at 630 am for the turkey day run. There was so many people there! Wow. It was tough to pass people to keep at a running pace. This was my best run EVER! I tried not to look at my pace on my Garmin but finally at .85 miles I looked and was running a 9:07 mile pace. My goal was a 10-12 minute mile. I was actually about to keep pace with that and fluctuated between 9:00-9:40 pace the entire time. I ended up finishing in 35 min and walked minimally. My shin splints are still rocking so it was slightly painful but I pushed through. I met my goal of finishing in under 40 minutes AND set a new pace record for myself. Yay. I can't wait to do some more races/ fun runs. The next run we are doing is a 10k mid December and I hope to PR for that as well. I also registered for my second half marathon. It isn't until June but its a big seller and the price increases after January. It's called the "see Jane run women's half marathon" and they serve champagne, chocolates and brunch after the run. I am super excited and hope I can fit in a few more halves before then.
Now onto Black Friday. On Thursday the hubs and I had 2 thanksgivings after the run- one with his family and one with mine. I don't like thanksgiving food much so lucky for me I think I lost more weight this week. We left my families thanksgiving around 1030 to try to hit target. Big mistake- the lines were so long to check out and we only had 4 items so we changed our mind and headed to the mall. My husband found some sweet deals for me for Christmas gifts, I got our parents gifts and I also am pretty much done shopping for my husband. I didn't pay full price fore anything. We also bought some DVDs and such online and are looking for a few more items on our list marked down for cyber Monday. It was exhausting and after being on my feet so much my legs and ankle are killing me. It's a bed and movies day for us. Since I got the new phone and haven't uploaded thanksgiving pictures, this post is picture free :( sorry but I will try to add some tomorrow.

How did your thanksgivings go? Did you go Black Friday shopping? Anyone else do some awesome runs?

Taber Turner

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