Monday, November 5, 2012

Mindless Monday

After running the half marathon this weekend, I was NOT looking forward to my 7:30 am wake up this morning. I survived the day though, and when I got home around 5 pm today my husband was waiting with some surprises. He had gotten me a new running belt to hold water bottles and snacks, and a running magazine, plus a 13.1 sticker. I was dying around mile 8 since I thought the race provided bananas at least and it turned out they didn't, so since I am already planning my next half marathon he bought me this to prepare me. I hate living in Idaho there are no long runs until March! I am going to look into maybe traveling somewhere. I didn't run today because I am still pretty sore and don't want to prolong the pain so I have a 3 miler scheduled for tomorrow along with some weight training. I am already excited to get back to training! How was everyone's Monday?
The 13.1 Sticker! Can't wait to earn more!
 My new running belt with water bottles, snacks and magazine!
Taber Turner

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