Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly run re-cap

Hi everyone!
So normally I would be posting about my weekly runs on Monday's, but I didn't post yesterday because I had too much to do. Since my half marathon was last week, I had to heal up from it. I did get in 6 miles last week and am planning on 15 miles this week. I also did a super intense arm workout a few days ago and finally have a full range of motion back. I did OK on my eating this past week- not great, the Hubs and I were both run down from the half and having to go back to school all week so we ate a lot of "convenient food"like wheat noodles with pesto. I didn't gain any weight though, but I am hoping to lose more this week and next. Last night the Hubs made me a delicious dinner of grilled teriyaki chicken with brown rice. I am SO looking forward to next week with some time off from school. Yay! I could do without the holiday stress though. We are participating in a Turkey Trot run on Thanksgiving morning, and the time off will give me time to focus on my eating and running. In other news, I officially have shin splints- OUCH! I am hoping they don't last too long, and I am still pushing through them for shorter runs. Wish me luck!
Something I LOVE that other bloggers do is when the post their running playlists, because I am always in need of new workout music. So I will share with you my playlist from the half marathon.

1. Ghosts n Stuff- Deadmaus
2. Locked out of heaven- Bruno Mars
3. I Cry- Flo Rida
4. Dirty talk - Wynter Gordon
5. Without me - Eminem
6. My name is - eminem
7. Lose Yourself- Eminem
8. Sing for the moment- Eminem
9. Elenor Rigby- The beatles
10. I am the Walrus- The Beatles
11. We can work it out- The beatles
12. Carry on my wayward son - Kansas
13. Cashin' out- cash out
14. Lemme see- Usher
15. Va Va Voom- Nicki Minaj
16. scream my name- LMFAO
17. Sorry for party rocking - LMFAO
18. Champagne Showers - LMFAO
19. Hot thing- Usher
20. The Way I are- Timbaland
21. Carryout- Timbaland
22. Roses - Outkast
23. I want you Back- N'sync
24. Tearin up my heart- N'sync
25. Remember the name- Fort Minor
26. Twisted- usher
27. This Kiss- Carly Rae Jepson
28. Black Sheep- Gin wigmore

The entire Sons of Anarchy soundtrack is also on my playlist. It's great for outdoor running. I am always getting new music, so I will try to add my new playlists every month or so.

Any advice on shin splints? What worked for you? How is everyone's running going?

Taber Turner

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