Monday, June 3, 2013

Anniversary weekend

Another Monday…It’s one of those days where I feel like I have a “weekend hangover” I had such a relaxing time that I just can’t seem to get in the groove of work and another week. So onto my usual weekend recap- Thursday and Friday really didn’t count in my opinion we had so much going on that I was busy running around the whole time and then sleeping. This past weekend was my husband and I wedding anniversary. We celebrated Saturday with dinner at a steakhouse. It was amazing and probably didn’t fit into my macros, but I had planned well for it and woke up today with no weight gain. I did however forget to snap a picture of us at dinner and I totally regret it now because that was probably the first time I have dressed up in a good six months. We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and spending quality time together. Sunday I had to get back to the gym for arms and cardio followed by gift exchange between me and the husband since Sunday was our real anniversary.

He got me a record player, and a few records including the Justin Timberlake album. We had been talking about getting a record player for a while now and it did not disappoint. I also got a new workout top and some fun owl stuff. I didn’t get pictures yet of everything but I’m sure some will appear this week especially since I got an owl lunchbox and water bottle for my work food. My gift to the husband was booze and some new clothes haha, as you can see I’m pretty creative there.
Now I am just hoping that this week flies by because I seriously have NO motivation for anything. I’m back to my macros 100 percent and the 5 day a week gym sessions. No more cheats until July 13th! C4 has been my lifesaver for those days when I lack motivation to hit it hard, if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it. C4 is a preworkout supplement that will give you a big energy boost to power through, plus it tastes yummy and comes in awesome flavors like strawberry margarita! I’ll keep this short and sweet because I feel like I am lacking focus right now. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!
Any fun weekend plans?

Me and the husband before dinner
Flowers, a gift from my aunt in our centerpiece vases
My dinner outfit 
The cocktails :)

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