Tuesday, June 25, 2013

See Jane run half and Updates

Phew, another week here again. I am super tired as usual. This past weekend, I ran my 4th half marathon! I ran the See Jane Run half marathon, they gave out champagne and chocolate at the end. I am happy to report that this was my best half yet, even though I didn’t train for it I noticed a HUGE difference from my lifting and sprints lately. The course was flat through our greenbelt and the scenery was really pretty.  I met quite a few really nice people too. Miles 1-7 I paced myself at about a 12 min mile, then 7-10 I slowed down slightly I’m guessing a 12:30-12:45 pace, then finished off a little slower because of the pain. I really can’t say that I have too much to say about this run, it wasn’t intensely hard as far as the course goes and all of my weight loss/strength training journey have really  made me stronger mentally. I certainly wouldn’t say it was easy, but it wasn’t the worst I have felt either. The See Jane run half gave out some pretty cool finishers swag too, I got a running shirt, a medal, and a champagne glass. They let you fill up the glass as many times as you wanted, so you know that was my favorite part! I do think this would have gone better in a bigger city. The course where I lived was somewhat unorganized and I had trouble finding any information about it beforehand. In fact, I didn’t see a full race map until I was running! My husband volunteered and he had a pretty awful experience too. Regardless of this, I still really enjoyed it and am happy with my performance.
Other weekend happenings:
Friday, the husband and I went to see Monster’s University. I LOVED it. I really thought it was more of an adult movie than a kid’s movie. We also went to dinner so that I could have chicken and my new obsession- sweet potatoes. I’ve never liked sweet potatoes until I started eating clean. Now, I am obsessed and since I missed out for so long now I have to make up for lost time by eating them daily.
Macros Update:
My macros plan is going really well. I’ll be honest, last weekend I didn’t stay on track in terms of counting them. I was off on most of themSaturday and Sunday, but even though I went over I still ate clean foods. I didn’t eat pizza like I really wanted to. I also didn’t lift for 3 days, since the half I have been super sore but I am going back to the gym today for arms and light cardio. I’ll let you know how the weigh in goes this week!

Grit Girls!! Pre-Leg Day!

Happy Monday!! How was your weekend?


  1. Congrats on your 4th half!!! Chocolate and champagne sound like the best way to end a long run :)

  2. Never knew another Taber before haha!