Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vacation part two

Hey everyone!
I know I am late again on my posting but I am really going to try and be better about it this week. I need to get back into a routine! So now to finish the recap of my trip, because a week away is too long for one post! So picking back up the day of the half marathon, you would think that'd be my only activity for the day but that wasn't my choice or option. Post half they ran out of the promised and promoted food (wtf?!) so I was starving and getting hangry for anything I could get my hands on. My husband loves sushi (I hate it) but his friend had promised him sushi on this particular day so we went to a sushi and teppanyaki place. I got chicken which is good because I needed some protein and hubs got his sushi. My body was pretty dead but we went ahead and went on a whale watching boat after lunch since our tickets had already been purchased. I haven't had very good luck with this type of thing in the places I have tried to see whales before but I was surprised this one was awesome. We saw lots of fin whales and the boats will actually follow them and get pretty close. After the whale outing we got to go drive out and visit some of my family friends who I hadn't seen in about 5-6 years. It was so much fun! I missed them so much and it was great to catch up. I've known them since I was about 5 so it was really awesome. I hope I can keep in touch with them and visit again next time I am in the area. The next day (Monday) the girls and guys split up. Rachel and I went to a nail salon and I got a gel mani and a pedicure. I'm so lazy about my nails I rarely ever make the time or want to spend money to go but since I didn't do any shopping on our trip I figured it was justifiable. We also looked around the market and window shopped. I ate a donut because the market donuts are amazing. I also indulged in In-N-Out burger because we don't have them anywhere near me and that is my weakness. More on how the food affected my body later.
Tuesday we hit up seaworld because my husband had never been and its one of my favorite places in the world! It was so fun. We did the "dine with shamu" lunch where you pay and sit about 5 feet away from the orca whales. It's worth the little bit of extra money and a special experience if you love animals like me. The park was also dead so we were easily able to see all the exhibits, rides and shows without any wait.
On our final day in LA my husband went rock climbing (I watched because my ankle was dying) and then we did a little Hollywood tourism and happy hour.
Overall, it was a great trip but it feels fabulous to be home. I'm back to the grind working, looking for a "real" job and working out. I'm really focusing on cleaning up my eating. I'll be back tomorrow for more on the eating/working out. Happy Wednesday!

How is everyone's week going? What's new in the blog world since I am so MIA??

The group with Shamu

My Love and I

Turtle at Seaworld

Husband looks high at the aquarium

More Turtles

Our last night! Happy hour

uhh yeah cookies n cream cheesecake cupcake from Georgetown cupcakes

Me and Shamu

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