Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new year and random rambling

Hey everyone!
The holiday's are officially over- YAY! but the bad news is the weather here SUCKS, its so icy everywhere and that is really cramping my ability to run outside. I hate it. I don't mind the cold so much but its pretty much impossible to run on an icy sidewalk. I guess I am going to have to stick to the gym until we come home from our trip. That's ok. I have work everyday from now until we leave so hopefully I can fit in some gym and running time in between now and then. I am SO excited about my next half marathon coming up on the 13th! I can't wait to see my improvements from this time compared to last. Other than that there isn't a whole lot of news around here- just trying to get back into routine and finally starting to cook more. We made grilled chicken for dinner last night, so that's good. It's a new year and I am most looking forward to seeing my goals and improvements in running come true. I don't have too many resolutions except continuing my path to being healthy, but if I called it a resolution then that would be the same every year. We leave for L.A. on the 10th and I cant wait for nicer weather and all the other things we will get to do. I will leave you all with some photos of the new year so far!

Me and the Hubs at new years dinner!

This is our best friends baby boy. Had him for the day on Monday. Such a sweetheart!

Me at dinner
And me again haha

How was your new years eve? What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

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  1. Things are quite icy where I am too, which makes walking/jogging tough.
    Love your photos! You guys are so cute together!