Friday, January 25, 2013

The aftermath of the vacation

Hey everyone!
I want to say hi and thank you to all of my new followers! I am so excited to have you here! As you know , I ate like crap on my vacation and yes I ran a half marathon and walked ALOT (I burned at least 2,000 calories a day) I came home with an extra 4 lbs. NOT good. The good news is now that I am out of school and focusing on finding a job, I have time. I've gotten back into my diet and workout plan. It feels good. This week I am back down another 3 lbs. I find that for me I really can't cut out carbs because I love them and I get faint/weak super easily. Carbs help me get through my workouts. I am a very picky person so I am back to what works for me which is 6 planned 200 calories mini meals per day. Some of these snack meals include an egg, a slice of whole wheat bread with a tiny bit of peanut butter, 1 cup whole wheat pasta, 1 diced grilled chicken breast, 1 lean taco and of course salads. There are other options that I allow myself to have but in the past this schedule has worked really well for me. On Wednesday I trained legs and for cardio hit the stair master. Yesterday I trained some arms and hit a spin class. Yay for burning those calories. I'm hoping to hit the gym again this weekend for some more stairs, arms, back and abs. This is the plan I will follow for a while. Il keep you updated on how it works! I've got no real exciting plans for this weekend , the hubs and I will probably go see a movie and I am letting my self have some wine one night. I'm not drinking during the week and I'm sticking to only champagne when I drink my one day a week. See you Monday!

Me and my nephew this week
After the gym
At the dentist this week ugh
Sweating on the stairs
How is everyone's week? What meal plans worked best for you to kick off your diet? I need arm exercise suggestions' favorites?




  1. Love your meal plan! I also get weak if I don't have some carbs throughout the day. I will have to try the Stair Master. I haven't tried that yet and I hear a lot about it. I need any ideas for meal planning as I can get - I am horrible with meal planning!!

    1. hi! Thanks for reading! I am glad to know I'm not the only one, I am just so bad at being creative with meal ideas! you should try out the stairs- its fun and the time goes pretty fast! have a great friday!